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No hot water for a shower?

We understand that hot water is a requirement in most homes which is why we are available 24/7 to provide hot water heater repairs or replacements allowing you to enjoy a nice hot shower or wash those dirty dishes on the same day.

We at Marsmen Plumbing and Gas are available to repair your hot water heater, replace or newly install your hot water heater, electric hot water heater, solar hot water heater or heat pump hot water heater system – no matter the make or model.


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Do you have a question or enquiry about our services? Contact us about it via email, or speak to one of our trained service professionals on our office number: (08) 9444 8951. We look forward to hearing from you!

The water heater is the nerve-centre of any home or office, when it works fine, no one thinks about it, but when something goes wrong with it, everyone notices it immediately

When it comes to water heaters you need to rely on a company that really know how to identify issues and solve problems that come at the worst time. Marsmen Plumbing is there to relieve the headache when you need professional service right away.

When it comes to water heaters, we are experts. We have experience with all sizes of water heaters – from Small 25ltr to Large 315ltr. We install all of the latest designs and models to suit your needs and your budget. We work with gas and electric water heaters, as well as the new “tankless”(instantaneous) system that heats water “On Demand” (instantaneous).

Marsmen realise that the hot water system is important and we provide a prompt turnaround time to replace to get your business or house running back to normal.
Problems can occur with hot water systems from internal rust, sediment build up, incorrectly installed water heaters or basic neglect. There are common problems or hot water repairs associated with hot water systems:

- Overflowing or leaking hot water tank

- The water heater runs out quickly or only produces warm water

- Slow hot water recovery due to sediment build-up

- Popping or banging noise coming from the hot water tank

- Temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve is leaking

- Discoloured water or unsightly smell coming from the hot water tank

Problems like sediment build up in the water tank can reduce your water heater’s energy efficiency and also clog your water lines. Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your hot water tank and double its life expectancy. Avoid these problems and increase the life of your unit by checking your hot water system. More info is in hints and tips to help.