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Osborne Park


Tim and Alana

08 July 2016

Thanks for saving us Marsmen Plumbing! We decided New Year's Eve was a good time to hang some picture frames, who knew the builder decided the middle of the theatre room wall was a good place for the water pipe and we drilled straight through it… A water feature was not what we were wanting to create! Marsmen were there within 10 minutes to fix the hole and allow us to get on with our celebrations! They even cleaned up the mess! Thanks again Marsmen.


07 July 2016

Whenever I've had a plumbing problem Trent and the team at Marsmen Plumbing have been fantastic. I've needed them for both my own house and my rental properties at short notice. They have always done the job quickly, sorted it out properly and rung me back to make sure the I was happy with the service. I can highly recommend them.